Welcome to the Class of 1995 Page

Boston and DC mini-reunions
On October 21 in Washington DC, Sandy is hosting a mini-reunion to watch the Dartmouth vs. Columbia football game. Lou is hosting a mini-reunion in Boston on November 10th. Join us if you are around.

The GreenLine, Issue 2
The second issue of our class newsletter, The GreenLine, is now available.

Class of the Year!
The Class of 1995 was recognized at the 2017 Class Officers Weekend as Dartmouth’s Class of the Year for classes 25 years out or younger!  As the award states, "The Class of 1995 is led by a strong and cohesive leadership team, focused on innovating its communications and bringing its classmates together."

Our new Alumni Council Representative
Laurie Shapiro has been elected to represent the class as our next Alumni Council representative. It was a tight race between our three candidates. Thank you to all those who participated in the vote. Laurie will take over for our current representative, Alyse Streicher, in July.

Captain Marvel
Harper College English professor Brian Cremins ’95 tells the story of one of the most popular comic book heroes of the 1940s and the writers and artists who created his magical adventures in Captain Marvel and the Art of Nostalgia (University Press of Mississippi).(Mentioned in the January/February 2017 online issue of DAM)

95 Acts of Kindness
In the spirit of the holiday season, and with an eye toward making a positive impact on the world in 2017, we - the 1995 class officers - are introducing a new class program: 95 Acts of Kindness

In the May/June 2016 issue of Dartmouth Alumni magazine,  Daisy Alpert Florin '95 writes about her experience attending the 20th reunion.

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